How I Learned to Speak Israel – Paperback


How I Learned to Speak Israel – An American’s Guide to a Foreign Policy Language

We are told that Israel is always on the defensive, yet it controls territory that it seized from its neighbors. We’re told that God gave the land to His people, yet Israel is a secular state. We’re told that the Palestinians are terrorists, yet the US has supported them for decades. A lot of what we’re told about Israel doesn’t make sense, and that’s why I wrote this book.

The book shines a light on what we have not been told. It uncovers

  • the unpublicized history, which has mostly been kept from Americans

  • real-life situations on the ground in Israel and Palestine

  • a new vocabulary in a language I call “Israel”

  • what words such as security, equality, defensive, peace, rights, and illegal mean in this new language

  • how messaging has projected an image of Israel that is a house of cards that collapses under scrutiny

Learning to speak Israel is also a journey in self-reflection. The United States not only played a significant role in the creation of the state of Israel; we also play a significant role in shaping Israel today. How does our role align with our values? Addressing that question requires knowledge of the situation. It also requires language skills that will enable us to better communicate with others about Israel/Palestine.

Welcome to How I Learned to Speak Israel.